Because I can. Pt 7

BrianAs I mentioned in my previous post, I am up to the heels on the project.  I wasn’t sure what kind of heel I wanted to do, so I broke out some more skacel collection, Inc. yarns and did some experimenting.

The first heel I tried out (A) was made using Trekking Hand Art (Color #505).  I used a worksheet from Chrissy Gardiner’s “Toe Up!” for the hybrid heel.  This is a heel with a gusset, short row heel turn and then the heel flap.

sock a
Heel A

The next heel I tried (B) was from a class with Judy Becker of “Judy’s Magic Cast On” fame.  She calls it “Judy’s Magic Heel” and it is similar to the hybrid heel but uses a shorter gusset increase and a slightly different heel turn.  This sample is made in Trekking XXL.

sock b
Heel B

The final heel (C) was simply a short row heel, using Zauberball.  The directions for this type of heel are available in many books and online resources, and this is a compilation of those techniques.

sock c
Heel C

You can see that to test the heels I worked JUST the heel.  Not only did this save test knitting a whole sock, but it serves as a measuring tool when making the toe up socks.  Put the test heel on your foot, and then try on the toe.  Once the sock reaches where the heel begins, you know you can start your heel!

So … drum roll …I decided to go with Heel A, because it fits the foot the best.  Each heel has its place and will likely become a part of my sock knitting repertoire, but when making socks to fit my heel, the hybrid heel is going to be the best.

Prince Entrelac, ESQ

8 thoughts on “Because I can. Pt 7

  1. Dummy heels! (a la Chrissy Gardiner) What a great idea. I told Chrissy last week that I’m going to try her heels this way; I’m looking for the perfect toe-up heel, too. YMMV!

  2. Love these heels. I’m knitting Jaywalker by Grumperina right now and am about to start the heel so I’m interested in your choice.

  3. Although heel C isn’t the best fit, I think it works perfectly with the Zauberball!

    It ‘flows’ nicely with the color change 🙂

    I think heel A & B would ‘break up’ the color too much?


  4. What a brilliant way to choose a heel pattern, Brian! Thanks for the tip – I’ll be using it as I progress!

    I thought that maybe you’d just use seven different heel types (or 14, perhaps?!) so that you’d have a concrete example of possibilities.

    Good Luck!

    Irene in MI

  5. cool. i do the heel u choose. i’ve done all 3 and variations (i’ve found a half a dozen ways to do the short row heel); and a short gusset(8ish increase sts =wing sts ala bordhi) works great, as having 15+ wing sts on each side makes a too tall heel flap. toeup of course.

    ps. r u on twitter??

    vtknitboy on twitter and ravelry
    chris otherwise.

  6. Since I have never successfully done a toe-up sock successfully, I’m really enjoying the progress and the lessons I’m learning.

    Keep up the inspired work!

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