Because I can! Pt 9.

I’ve been HEELED!  That’s right folks!  The heels are now FINISHED!

Now don’t get me wrong, short rows are the best, but it’s time to move on.

The process of designing the stitch patterns is underway, and I’ll tell you about a couple of them.

The Sunday sock is in memory of my father.  He was a minister, so it only seems natural that this would be the day to honor him.  After talking with my mom and sister (both talented knitters by the way, not that I’m biased), we decided that a vine pattern would be fitting as it was a symbol that was particularly significant to him.

Tuesday is the night that the local spinner’s and weaver’s guild meets and when I was at their meeting, they suggested a basket weave pattern.  This goes along with the concept of getting organized with everything in its proper place.

Wednesday is the middle of the week, and as many have suggested, a chevron pattern makes a lot of sense here.

Wednesday's Socks

Thanks for your notes and comments.  It’s those little notes of encouragement (yes even those that say I’m crazy) that keep this project going!   This method may not be for everyone.  Okay, Okay, I hear you – it may not really be for anyone.  However, I’m enjoying wrapping my brain around this challenge, and would encourage anyone who likes to test themselves once and awhile to join me.  You haven’t got much to lose (except your sanity, which I assume you lost long ago if you even contemplate this), and, you have 7 pairs of socks to gain

Prince Entrelac IATSE