Skacel: an international family

The thing I like most about Skacel is that we are a family run and family oriented company.  Not only do we have three generations of Skacels working here, but all of our employees and most of our vendors, have become part of our extended family.  

It is true that our vendors are across an ocean in Europe, but over the years we have developed close bonds.  I visit Germany once a year to connect with our family-owned vendors over there, and once a year most of them visit us.  Frequently when they visit, they stay in our home.  This gives us a very comfortable atmosphere to discuss business, family, hobbies, and whatever we desire.

This past Independence Day we were fortunate enough to have Thomas Selter (5th generation owner and President of addi) come stay with us and celebrate.  Thomas was such a sport that he actually dressed as Uncle Sam, which prompted us to name him and his partner, Claudia Malcus, King and Queen of Independence Day. 


Not all was fun-and-games for when we discussed the addi Lace Clicks we got into a little wrestling match.  Although it does look like I am in a death grip, fear not, I won! 

We have gotten one step closer to getting the production of the Lace Clicks into full swing!  Our estimated arrival date of these needles should be end of summer or early fall.  Don’t get the impression that I wrestle my vendors a lot.  It’s only on occasion.


Think outside the sox!

Here at Skacel we love to receive customer feedback to see how we can better serve you.  The only thing better than feedback is when we get pictures to go along with it!  So when we got these great pictures from the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat they were a must show.

Chuck Wilmesher sent us some great photos of him and his knitting buddies at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.  Chuck along with his buddies Kyle Kunnecke, John Silowsky, and Kenny Chua each knit the “Socks Appeal” Boxers.  “They were a hit,” said Wilmesher who was just one of many men who attended the retreat.    

The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat was held in Greenwhich, New York May 20-23.  Over 40 men from across the country attended to partake in knitting, crocheting, and spinning, among other fiber crafts.  The Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat will be held in Seattle, September 16-19 and we are looking forward to having all the men come by our home office.