Blocking: A Cautionary Tale

missoni-kenzie05Laundry Day!

Step 1: Sort by color.
Step 2: Wash by color.

Step 3: Never wash red with anything else!

After all, you wouldn’t wash your new indigo jeans with a white shirt…right?

These are all steps we know about washing our clothes, but don’t always remember for our hand-made pieces.

With the popularity of multi-colored patterns, you’ll want to use the same caution when using light and dark (and reds!) in the same piece.

Even popular Wool Washes know their products could pull the color out of your yarn, causing bleeding on your freshly bound off masterpiece.
We took screen shots from two popular Wool Wash websites warning of the potential for bleeding when using their products (click to enlarge):




How to avoid heartbreak:

1) If wet blocking, test a small piece that won’t be noticeable before soaking the whole garment. 

2) Immerse your multi-colored project in only cold water with a little salt and vinegar, to help ensure colorfastness.

3) Steam block! This is always a safe option for projects made with light/dark/and(or)red yarns all in one piece.