Four New Free Patterns!

Greetings from the design department at skacel collection, Inc!

We want you to know about the four new free patterns for download on the skacel website!  These Schulana patterns feature Fashion Silk, Kid-Seta, Malawi, and Sambia.

These patterns have been translated and reviewed by the skacel collection, Inc. design team especially for the North American market.

The Knit & Crochet Scarf features Fashion Silk (85% Silk, 15% Nylon) and is a simple quick-fashion accessory. Basic knitting and crochet stitches are used to create this ruffled-edge piece.

The Fine Jacket featuring Kid-Seta (70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk) is a darling cropped-style top just perfect for pairing with a little black dress.

The Summer Tunic with Ajour Cables featuring Malawi (100% Cotton) is just in time for summer and is a versatile piece working well with jeans or a skirt.

And finally, the Shrug Vest with Cabled Collar featuring Sambia (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester) is a quick-knit fun and funky conversation piece.

So pick your pattern, print it out, and head to your local yarn shop to try one or more of these wonderful yarns from Schulana brought to you by skacel collection, Inc.