Spotted on Ravelry #12

April 2018 Issue

Lace Market by Marie Greene (Olive Knits)

“Inspired by one of my favorite evenings in Nottingham, England, the Lace Market tee is an homage to a charming historic district that was once the heart of the world’s lace industry. Wandering around – a bit lost – I happened upon a kindly gentleman named Graham who helped me find my way back to my hotel, but who pointed out architectural history every step along the way.

Knit top-down, seamless and in the round (with an easily-memorized lace repeat), Lace Market is a quick, wearable knit just in time for warm weather.

Featured Yarn:

El Linio by Schoppel

This pattern is available for $7.00 USD  buy it now

McKee by Kat Riddell

“McKee is a light but cozy pair of legwarmers, perfect for  layering over leggings and tights or under jeans on especially  cold days. Featuring an interesting texture and cable panel,  McKee is both a warm basic layer and a fun accessory to dress up an outfit.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® Kenzie

This pattern is available for $6.00 USD  buy it now

Slack Tide Scarf by PostStitch

“The Slack Tide Scarf is inspired by the melting color of the ocean and the moment in time when the tide is slack, unstressed and unchanging. This repetitive knit creates a rectangular scarf that is like the slack tide, calm and harmonious.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® Concentric

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Like a Wink and a Smile Socks by The Chilly Dog

“Some people don’t enjoy hand knit socks in warmer weather, but I think you’ll agree, a light, cotton/bamboo based yarn and an airy eyelet pattern go together like a wink and a smile. These pretty socks are worked from the leg down and have an Eye of Partridge heel flap, French turn heel and a rounded, star toe.”

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® CoBaSi

This pattern is available for $5.00 USD visit pattern website

Adorable ankle socks with rolled edge cuffs and practical ribbing support around the foot. Perfect fit with Clogs or wearing at home.

Featured Yarn:

This pattern is available for $6.00 USD  buy it now
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Spotted on Ravelry – #11

March 2018 Issue

Local Girl by Christopher Salas

“I went back to some basic roots in designing with stripes for this shawl, which I named LOCAL GIRL, and I encompassed a repeating lace motif which uses double yarn overs for a beautiful and open stitch pattern. The garter section is also peppered with the slightest of short rows for some visual interest in the contrasting color. Breaking away from my personal rule of “One Skein Per Color”, I used two skeins for the lace motif, and I can’t regret my decision. This project was begging for more love in the lace section, and the result of a sizeable and stylish shawl was truly amazing.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® Sueño

This pattern is available for $5.00 USD  buy it now

Five-Hour Baby Jacket (Franklin Variation) by Franklin Habit

“This is my adaptation, one of many, based on the excellent and legendary original Five-Hour Baby Sweater/Jacket pattern. For the history/background of that pattern, see the first column in which I plan the project.

The optional embroidery was done with Schoppell-Wolle Edition 6 yarn. Full notes on it are included in the “Fridays with Franklin” series via the pattern link.

My adaptation does not include buttonholes, but substitutes a single loop closure. This and other changes are all outlined in detail in the column itself.

Featured Yarn:

Ziton’s Gesa & Flo (held double), and Schoppel’s Edition 6 (embroidery)

This pattern is available for free.

Springtime Basket by Amanda Mannas

“Looking for a fun way to store your yarn or perhaps your latest project? How about something to package up your handmade gifts? This Springtime Basket is sure to stand apart from the crowd! In this Crochet Along Together, you will build confidence working with color as I share how to crochet colorwork in the round. You will also learn techniques for creating a sturdy yet decorative base.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® Woodi

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

Slipstream Cardigan by The Chilly Dog

“This nautically inspired cabled cardigan is perfect for everyday wear. The Propeller and Six Strand Cables are both worked over the same number of rows making the design more visually balanced and easier to knit.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® Sueño Worsted Tonal

This pattern is available for $6.00 USDbuy it now or visit pattern website

This ear warmer headband and finger-less, layering mitts pattern was designed as a KAL (knit along). The headband features a provisional cast on and invisible Kitchener stitch join. The mitts feature a gap-less, long tail cast on, shaped thumb gusset and a picked up thumb. A bowknit stitch is used in all of the pieces.

Featured Yarn:

This pattern is available for $5.50 USD  buy it now or  visit pattern website
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Spotted on Ravelry – 010

February 2018 Issue

1. Maan by Natasja Hornby

Maan is not for the faint at heart. She is not a flimsy, barely there layering piece, but a wrap with a lot of character, presence, and substance. She stands out in the crowd and will add something extra to any outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. She is an eye-catcher, but also your shield.

Knitting this wrap is a treat for the adventurous intermediate to experienced knitter. Because of the variety of stitch patterns and techniques, there’s no room for boredom and there’s just enough repetition to get a sense of rhythm and structure.

Featured Yarn:

Lienen Los by Schoppel

This pattern is available for €4.85 EUR.

2. Shifting Dunes Shawl by Andrea Hilton

Shifting Dunes is a crescent shaped shawl that starts off by casting on twelve stitches. The stitch pattern creates a textured landscape that reminds me of the sand dune ecosystem near my home in Humboldt County, California. The dunes never look quite the same two days in a row.

The technique used for this shawl comes from the amazing book, Dimensional Tuck Knitting by Tracy Purtscher called “Left Right Tuck Together on Right Side,” or LRTT. There is a free video tutorial available on YouTube here to demonstrate this technique, so you do not need to buy the book. However, the book is one of my favorites, and you might enjoy it as well.

Aside from the pairing and tuck rows, the pattern is basically stockinette knitting.

This shawl is knit in a super soft and squishy worsted weight yarn (Sueño Worsted by HiKoo®). Due to the stitch pattern, a solid or semi-color wool is recommended for yarn substitutions. Professional instructions include measurements in English and metric. The pattern is written with row by row instructions.

Featured Yarn:

This pattern is available for $6.00 on Ravelry

3. Connie’s Lane Shawlette by Ivy Lucille Designs

This stunning design is available in two sizes and features HiKoo® Rylie, 2(4) hanks. Beads are added for an extra special touch!

 Featured Yarn:

Rylie by HiKoo®

This pattern is available for $6.00 USD.


4. Saturday Morning Shawl by Ivy Lucille Designs
I have a meeting every Saturday morning and one day while running late I grabbed a ball, needles and ran out the door. While in the meeting I was goofing around with my yarn and came up with this pattern. It is super fun, perfect for watching tv or listening to a book, it is a great project when your head can not be focused on your knitting.

 Featured Yarn:

Concentric by HiKoo®

This pattern is available for $4.00 USD.


5. Bethlehem Stars by Grassharp Stitches

These 6 pointed stars are easy to make, using only single crochets and chain stitches. Use approx. 15 meters dk or sport weight yarn and create little sparks of colour in the Advent season.

Featured Yarn:

Zauberball Starke 6 by Schoppel

This pattern is available for Free.

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Spotted on Ravelry – 008

As many of you already know ‘Spotted On Ravelry‘ was a popular feature in our skacel Magalog for 5 years. Now that we’ve retired our Magalog, we can continue this on-going segment here on our Blog and with more frequency than twice a year!

Enjoy this month’s issue!

December 2017 Issue

1. Maggie’s Hat – Fingering/Sock weight by Anne Hearnden

“A chemo cap with a difference, it is light and pretty.
Designed for those of us who have lost our hair this hat is knit in the round using short rows to shape the head and with a scalloped edging to soften the look.
Available in three sizes with information on how to adjust the sizing.

The HiKoo® CoBaSi is an ideal yarn for this hat as it is soft and stretchy – this was my favorite hat to wear at night.

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® CoBaSi

This pattern is available $Free of Charge.

2. Burien Cowl by Michelle ‘Knit Purl’ Hunter

Named for a beautiful town on Puget Sound, this cowl checks all the boxes:

√ simple to master 
√ interesting to knit 
√ stylishly warm 
√ super soft

The stitch pattern resembles weaving for a textured appearance. Knit as a tube and seamlessly grafted, making this a no-wrong sides piece that is effortless to wear.

Supported with video lessons at knitpurlhunter.com


Featured Yarn:
This pattern is available for $5.00 on Ravelry.


3. Lotus Poncho by Lynette Meek

“Designed to cover the shoulders and upper arms and show off some of the gorgeous gradients and hand-dyed yarns that we are constantly tempted by!

The Poncho is knit in the round and works from the bottom up. The lace pattern creates an interesting edge and switches quickly to stockinette for some pleasurable, relaxed knitting. The garter stitch finish at the neck keeps it tidy and allows for easy finishing and blocking.


Featured Yarn:

This pattern is available for $5.00 USD.


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Spotted on Ravelry – 007

As many of you already know ‘Spotted On Ravelry‘ was a popular feature in our skacel Magalog for 5 years. Now that we’ve retired our Magalog, we can continue this on-going segment here on our Blog and with more frequency than twice a year!

Enjoy this month’s issue!

November 2017 Issue

1. Tulip Field Socks by Amy Loberg

“Knit from side to side, the Tulip Field socks have long color blocks inspired by the beautiful tulip fields near Amsterdam. With lots of fun knitting techniques like an intarsia join and short rows, they are a great skill builder. These socks are fun, bright, and you will probably never see another pair of socks like these!

Featured Yarn:

HiKoo® CoBaSi

This pattern is available for $5.00 USD

2. Hybrid Wall Hanging by Rachel Denbow

Watch Rachel Denbow mix crochet with weaving techniques on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell!

Featured Yarn:

3. Sleepy Sheep Socks by The Chilly Dog

These socks are a fun tribute to our wooly, fiber friend, the sheep.

The socks are worked from the toe up and have a German, aka Double Stitch, short row heel. The face of each sheep is stitched on after the toe is knit. The tweedy yarn has little flecks of color.

The leg and instep of the sock are worked with a textured stitch to imitate a wooly fleece. The sole of the sock has a smoother stitch for comfort.

Since these socks are worked from the toe up, the leg can easily be adjusted to your desired height.

Featured Yarn:

Trekking XXL Tweed by Zitron 

This pattern is available for $5.50 USD 


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Spotted on Ravelry #006

As many of you already know ‘Spotted On Ravelry‘ was a popular feature in our skacel Magalog for 5 years. Now that we’ve retired our Magalog, we can continue this on-going segment here on our Blog and with more frequency than twice a year!

 “5 More Fall Favorites!”

1. Kate’s Everyday Sweater by The Chilly Dog

“I was giddy when my adult daughter asked if I would design a sweater especially for her. She had a very specific list of requirements, though.

  • something that can be worn every day (work, school, home…)
  • machine washable
  • rounded neckline that’s not too tight
  • flattering shape with small splits at the sides
  • sleeves that aren’t too short
  • textured stitchwork
  • pretty color

I think I nailed it, although I won’t know for sure until Christmas when she opens her gift. (Hers is in Forestry. I’m keeping the Burnt Orange one for myself). The sweater has a repetitive, textured stitch and simply shaped raglan sleeves. This pattern comes in three women’s sizes and has a finished circumference of 34 (38, 42) inches.”

Featured Yarn:

2. Butterfly by Ruth Kindla

“This pullover stands out with its interesting pattern structure and the serrated edges. Go on – you can do it!
It is worked with color gradient yarn in garter stitch with short rows and some purled rows.

Featured Yarn:

Gradient by Schoppel

This pattern is available for €6.50 EUR.


3. Sakura Tree by Agata A. Piasecka

Sakura Tree is a knitted light lace shawl with a lace flower pattern recalling blooming cherry tree and the subtle border with delicate leafy pattern.

Featured Yarn:

Traumseide by Zitron 

This pattern is available for $5.00 USD.


4. Wood Warbler cowl by Martina Behm

“This is the seventh pattern from A Year of Techniques – a collection of 12 patterns to teach you new knitting skills. The pattern file will be added to Ravelry on 6th September. More details on the following pattern release dates can be found on the source page for A Year of Techniques.

Stripes on the bias and some cunning shaping make this cowl something of a mystery while it’s on your needles!

The Wood Warbler cowl is not available as a single pattern.”

Featured Yarn:

Gradient by Schoppel

Print + eBook bundle costs £19.99, plus shipping. To purchase, please visit their website.


5. Sketch Shawl by Tanya Mulokas

Sketch Shawl is my first shawl design. When I finished it, my husband said that it looks like a pen doodle and reminds a sketch. That’s why I named it like this.

Featured Yarn:

Filigran by Zitron

This pattern is available for €3.50 EUR.


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Superwash vs. Colorfast

As color-blocking in patterns continues to rise in popularity, it’s important to remember that just because a yarn is ‘Superwashdoes not mean it is ‘Colorfast.’

  • What does ‘Superwash‘  mean?
    • ‘Superwash’ wool is a wool yarn that is machine washable and, therefore, will not felt.
  • What does ‘Colorfast‘ mean?
    • The ability of fabric or other substances to keep the same color without fading or running even if washed, placed in harsh light, exposed to perspiration or treated with certain chemicals.
  • “If I make a project in red and white, will the yarn bleed, even if it’s ‘Superwash‘?
    • Just because a yarn is ‘Superwash‘ does not ensure it is also ‘Colorfast‘.
    • The only way to know for sure if bleeding could be an issue for your project is to swatch both colors together and test your preferred blocking method first.
  • Never blindly block your finished project (especially wet blocking) without first testing on a swatch. Doing so will ensure minimal heartbreak!
  • When in doubt, remember yarn is just like laundry! You would never wash your whites with a new red sock, right? Not unless you want pink shirts! Yarn is the same. Explore alternative blocking and laundering methods if you intend on using highly contrasting colors in the same project, such as:
    • Steam Blocking – This can be a great alternative!
    • Color Catchers could help prevent bleeding, but we still recommend testing on a swatch first.
    • Dry Cleaning – While this is a great option for projects that need to be washed (like blankets) on occasion, we still recommend having your cleaners test a swatch of the yarn FIRST, before getting it cleaned. All fibers react to the dry cleaning process differently.

The moral of the story is simple: do your homework! A lot of time and money are put into our projects, whether they are intended for yourself or another, so always make time to swatch, test, and know your project will live a lifetime of color perfection, just as you intended!