I love free stuff! “Free car wash with 10 gallon fill-up”. I’ll take it. “One free tire when you buy three”. I’m buying six. “Buy 3 hot dogs, get the 4th free”. I’m eating four for lunch. It’s a fact. Free “stuff” makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, not to mention the satisfaction of saving a couple bucks (something that we could all go for right now).

So, when I heard that skacel was running a contest to get a free limited edition addi t-shirt, I almost slipped a stitch. I mean, these shirts are going to be the hottest ticket this fall, so the possibility of getting one for free makes me wonder why more people aren’t jumping at the chance.

Just how does one go about obtaining such a highly sought-after shirt? It’s simple. Just prove to skacel that you’re an addi addict by submitting a picture of yourself and your addi stash (in your natural knitting environment). Yes, it’s that simple! Do you knit on the bus ride to work? Well, have someone take a picture and ride it to a free shirt! Do you knit during math class? Take a picture, and you could add a new shirt to your wardrobe.

To make things even more unreal, each picture submitted will qualify to be entered in an upcoming addi addicted series of advertisements being published in knitting magazines around the country. That is correct; you could be in a nationally published addi advertisement for everyone to see!!!! It’s a win, win, win situation.

Here are a few of the first addi addicts to come out:




Think you can do better? Well, what are you doing still sitting there? Grab your addi Turbos®, take a picture, and prove you’re addicted to addi!

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  1. I am so addicted to Addi Turbos that when a new yarn store opened in our area, I bought myself an early Christmas present…AddiClicks! I took them home and played with them and went right back to the store and bought a second set — for my daughter! I couldn’t wait so I wrapped them up as Christmas present and sent them off to her in Atlanta! She was thrilled with her early Christmas present!

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