Meet “Addi Turbo”

What’s more adorable than a fluffy, snarfley, snoring puppy? Nothing!

Last year, we introduced a new member to our family. She’s a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. While choosing this furry ball of love was easy, picking a name was not. We tossed around ideas, and then I thought to myself…what would someone like me *love* to name their pet? And just like that, I had an epiphany. Thus, ‘Addi Turbo’ was born. Well, not really born…more like ‘christened’.

Now, Addi is not fast, nor is she nickel plated, snag-free, hand-made, or especially quiet for that matter. But, she does come with a guarantee…a guarantee that she will put a smile on our faces no matter what.

Addi is a very busy girl. She attends daycare a few days a week, gets to go to work with mommy on occasion, likes to play in the snow, and even helps clean out the cat’s box when we’re not looking (yes, yucky). And yes, in case you’re wondering…she already has one hand-knit sweater in her wardrobe (we are planning more wooly wears for her in the near future).

By now you’re probably asking, “Rob, where are you going with this blog entry?”. Well, I have no idea really. I’m guessing it’s a veiled attempt to once again gush over my baby girl. I mean, can you blame a proud papa?

So in closing friends, I will leave you with this rumination…be wary of kissing your dog if you have a litter box. Oh, and always knit with Addi needles!



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