Because I can – Part 11

One of the most common questions I get asked when I have the project out in public is: “When will they be finished?”

My typical response has been: “When they are done.” This has been my attempt to remain non-committal as to an actual finish date. The time has come, however, to find a way to wrap up this massive project, and so begins the task of pushing towards the finish line.

Only 100 more rows to go! (give or take 50)

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics (which in Sarah Palin’s terms is “right out my kitchen window”), I have challenged myself to finish these socks by the time the flame is extinguished. According to the “rules” of the Olympic Knitting challenge by the Yarn Harlot, this probably would not qualify, but this is going to be my only knitting project for the next couple of weeks, and I am committed to working on it every day.

This does feel very much like a marathon and that I’m going to be pushing myself to extraordinary efforts in order to finish the project. I am not PROMISING that I will be finished by Feb 28, but I will commit to putting forth my best effort to do so.

If you are in the Tacoma area, I will be at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat this Saturday (Feb 13) working on the socks. Feel free to stop by and say hi.

Prince Entrelac NWRSA


4 thoughts on “Because I can – Part 11

  1. I have been watching your progress on the socks with fascination. I understand that need to finish when you have been working on a project for a long time. I always feel I can’t do other things until ‘that’one is done.

  2. You go Brian!!! Great to talk to you today!

    Just remember my favorite kid’s book
    The Little Engine that Could
    “I think I can….I think I can!”

    Keep up the great work to the finish line!!!!

  3. seriously? finish them by the end of the Olympics? I don’t know if I could even bind off that many socks during that amount of time…

    you’re truely an inspiration!

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