It’s raining men…!


On any given day the maximum number of men in our building is four, our average number of women is…hold on I have to count…17, so you can imagine how mind-boggling it was to have 28 men descend on Skacel, all at the very same time! Us women were outnumbered; I think it was a first.

Labor Day weekend was the Men’s Knitting Retreat hosted here in Seattle, Washinton. Our own Brian Kohler attended and co-hosted the retreat.  Skacel invited the group to come on a tour of our facility as well as let them do some shopping via All Points in Des Moines.  The owner of All Points, Morgan Hicks, was part of the Men’s Retreat as well.



It was great fun seeing that many men get excited over yarns, needles, and patterns. We also had some star guests with the group. Franklin Habit, Author of It Itches, was part of the retreat, as well as Cat Bordhi, famous sock knitter and author of many books including her newest book Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters. Cat was an honorary man for the weekend and was given a token apple, to represent an adams apple. How sweet.  Literally.

Cat Bordhi and Franklin Habit

It is always refreshing and rejuvenating to hear and talk about a favorite craft with someone that has a completely different view of it.


But now that they have gone back to their respective cities, it has stopped raining men and Skacel is once more, a facility flooded with women.


One thought on “It’s raining men…!

  1. Yay!!! I just saw this today and had to say what a wonderful recap and what a fantastic time we all had. Everyone was just PERFECT.


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