Oh, to be young again…

There’s nothing like rekindling that feeling of youth. Times seemed so much simpler…no bills to pay, no time clocks to punch, and certainly no taxes to file. Well, thanks to the ingenious mind of Cid Hanscom (Cid Hanscom Designs), knitters can once again travel back in time to those carefree days by knitting and tying their own balloon animals!

Inspired by and fashioned after the balloon tied animals that you’d find in a circus or at a child’s birthday party, these amazing little creatures are knit in the round, with specific increases and decreases that allow them to be tied (after stuffing) into their respective species, be it animal, insect, or flower. The patterns come as a set, in a handy, clear vinyl wallet that allows the pattern to be visible and yet still protected. There are patterns for 10 creatures with clear and concise instructions on knitting, stuffing, and tying the wee beasties.

The yarns featured in these delightful creatures are a generous cross-section of the skacel line of sock yarns including Trekking XXL, Trekking Pro Natura, Fortissima Socka, Fortissima Mexiko Country Colors, Step, and Princess.

Skacel recently debuted the concept at a major knitting trade show, and shop owners could not keep their hands off of the animals. The perfect project for any knitter looking for something ‘new’, they also make wonderful gifts for the little ones in your life (or the big ones who still play with toys – like me).

For more information on the new Balloon Tying Creations book, look to our website or your local Skacel stockist!

Happy Knitting,