Happy 100th Issue Knitter’s!

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Hello All,

skacel would like to wish Knitter’s Magazine a very “Happy 100th Issue”. As one of the premiere knitting and needle arts related magazines in the industry, Knitter’s provides its readers with a continuous supply of patterns, ideas, new techniques, cutting-edge products, and more.

During the STITCHES East 2010 show, Knitter’s Magazine unveiled their newly redesigned collector’s edition of Knitter’s Magazine (issue #K100).  And along with their new look, Knitter’s also went digital! Partnering with Zinio, a global leader in the digital magazine newsstand market, Knitter’s is now able to bring their magazine directly to digital media such as Mac, PC, and iPad, which is great for those tech-savvy knitters.  And if that wasn’t enough, as a “thank you” to their adoring fans, Knitter’s is offering this first digital collector’s issue at no cost!

skacel is proud to be a part of this milestone issue, with two exciting designs featuring skacel yarns.  First up is the playful Trifecta pullover, designed by Kathy Zimmerman.  To quote Kathy, this design “[hits] the jackpot with a fabric that combines three colors and three stitch patterns.  The wide collar and cotton/wool blend yarn make for comfortable year round dressing”.  Trifecta is worked out of Schulana’s Merino Cotton 90, a wonderful cotton/wool blend.

The second design is an awe inspiring Purple Reign vest, designed by Penny Ollman.  Penny notes that, “regal coloring and shaping define this vest.  The fine gauge and fancy stitch-work make this an investment piece, worthy of any wardrobe style”.  Purple Reign is worked out of Zitron’s LifestyleLifestyle is a solid, yet soft, 100% wool creation and a staple in our collection.

To take advantage of this monstrous issue and all of the patterns available to you, simply download the digital edition of #K100 and the Zinio reader service by clicking here.

Don’t delay … log on, log in, and enjoy this exciting new issue today!

Happy Knitting!


“Serious Hardware!”

The following story was sent to me by Penelope Taylor, the editor of Knit ‘n Style magazine.  One of Penelope’s freelance writers, Kathy Blumenstock (of Washington Post fame), was running some errands when she found herself in the middle of the following conversation…

I’m in Home Depot where I need to find paint, and a teen boy is asking the sales person, “where can I find Addi Turbo’s?…My grandmother needs two of them”.  Apparently he assumed something with “Turbo” in it would of course be found in the aisles of a hardware store.  When the sales person was saying, “I’ve never heard of those”, I butted in and said, “they’re KNITTING needles, circular knitting needles,” and I told him of two stores a few towns over where he could find them, or to go online.  He looked dubious and relieved too.  And once again I championed my fave needles (I have forced/encouraged more people to get these, I should be on commission, or at least carry a full set around to demo!).

While reading this story, I could just imagine the look on each person’s face.  I’m sure it was a priceless moment for Kathy.  Each of us here in the office got a good chuckle out of her story and we wanted to share it with you, in hopes it would brighten your day!

Happy Knitting,



Meet “Addi Turbo”

What’s more adorable than a fluffy, snarfley, snoring puppy? Nothing!

Last year, we introduced a new member to our family. She’s a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. While choosing this furry ball of love was easy, picking a name was not. We tossed around ideas, and then I thought to myself…what would someone like me *love* to name their pet? And just like that, I had an epiphany. Thus, ‘Addi Turbo’ was born. Well, not really born…more like ‘christened’.

Now, Addi is not fast, nor is she nickel plated, snag-free, hand-made, or especially quiet for that matter. But, she does come with a guarantee…a guarantee that she will put a smile on our faces no matter what.

Addi is a very busy girl. She attends daycare a few days a week, gets to go to work with mommy on occasion, likes to play in the snow, and even helps clean out the cat’s box when we’re not looking (yes, yucky). And yes, in case you’re wondering…she already has one hand-knit sweater in her wardrobe (we are planning more wooly wears for her in the near future).

By now you’re probably asking, “Rob, where are you going with this blog entry?”. Well, I have no idea really. I’m guessing it’s a veiled attempt to once again gush over my baby girl. I mean, can you blame a proud papa?

So in closing friends, I will leave you with this rumination…be wary of kissing your dog if you have a litter box. Oh, and always knit with Addi needles!




Oh, to be young again…

There’s nothing like rekindling that feeling of youth. Times seemed so much simpler…no bills to pay, no time clocks to punch, and certainly no taxes to file. Well, thanks to the ingenious mind of Cid Hanscom (Cid Hanscom Designs), knitters can once again travel back in time to those carefree days by knitting and tying their own balloon animals!

Inspired by and fashioned after the balloon tied animals that you’d find in a circus or at a child’s birthday party, these amazing little creatures are knit in the round, with specific increases and decreases that allow them to be tied (after stuffing) into their respective species, be it animal, insect, or flower. The patterns come as a set, in a handy, clear vinyl wallet that allows the pattern to be visible and yet still protected. There are patterns for 10 creatures with clear and concise instructions on knitting, stuffing, and tying the wee beasties.

The yarns featured in these delightful creatures are a generous cross-section of the skacel line of sock yarns including Trekking XXL, Trekking Pro Natura, Fortissima Socka, Fortissima Mexiko Country Colors, Step, and Princess.

Skacel recently debuted the concept at a major knitting trade show, and shop owners could not keep their hands off of the animals. The perfect project for any knitter looking for something ‘new’, they also make wonderful gifts for the little ones in your life (or the big ones who still play with toys – like me).

For more information on the new Balloon Tying Creations book, look to our website or your local Skacel stockist!

Happy Knitting,



I love free stuff! “Free car wash with 10 gallon fill-up”. I’ll take it. “One free tire when you buy three”. I’m buying six. “Buy 3 hot dogs, get the 4th free”. I’m eating four for lunch. It’s a fact. Free “stuff” makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, not to mention the satisfaction of saving a couple bucks (something that we could all go for right now).

So, when I heard that skacel was running a contest to get a free limited edition addi t-shirt, I almost slipped a stitch. I mean, these shirts are going to be the hottest ticket this fall, so the possibility of getting one for free makes me wonder why more people aren’t jumping at the chance.

Just how does one go about obtaining such a highly sought-after shirt? It’s simple. Just prove to skacel that you’re an addi addict by submitting a picture of yourself and your addi stash (in your natural knitting environment). Yes, it’s that simple! Do you knit on the bus ride to work? Well, have someone take a picture and ride it to a free shirt! Do you knit during math class? Take a picture, and you could add a new shirt to your wardrobe.

To make things even more unreal, each picture submitted will qualify to be entered in an upcoming addi addicted series of advertisements being published in knitting magazines around the country. That is correct; you could be in a nationally published addi advertisement for everyone to see!!!! It’s a win, win, win situation.

Here are a few of the first addi addicts to come out:




Think you can do better? Well, what are you doing still sitting there? Grab your addi Turbos®, take a picture, and prove you’re addicted to addi!


Zitron – Earth Friendly Fibers!

robMicrosoft Word - Zitron green.doc

Over the last few years, environmentalism has taken center stage in the business world.  The terms “eco-friendly” and “green” are commonly used buzz words intended to parlay the idea of inflicting little to no harm on the environment.   However, many companies have found that actually going “green” isn’t as easy as it sounds.  This is not the case for Zitron.  You are no doubt familiar with Zitron’s luscious yarns, but you may not be as familiar with Zitron’s manufacturing ethics.


Zitron began the shift to “green” long before it was a trend.  Their processing leaves virtually no carbon footprints, and all of their yarns are manufactured from start to finish in Germany – a country with one of the  highest ecological standards in the world.  They rigorously test their wool and wool/nylon blends for harmful substances and residues, of which none can be found.  We are proud to announce that this line of yarns boasts the highest rating possible from Oeko-Tex (a European Textile company that tests yarns for authenticity of various natures).  Thus, all of their fibers have been approved for use by children.  There are no chemical residuals remaining after the production and dying process – thus if a child chews on it, there are no problems!


Zitron yarns such as Nimbus, Nimbus Color, Gobi, Lifestyle, Ecco, Trekking, Unikat, Loft, Turmalin, Cambio (which uses no dye whatsoever) all qualify for the Oeko-Tex label.  While Filou, Polo, Kokon and a few other do not, these yarns are still manufactured in plants that leave virtually no carbon footprints, and are still considered “green”.


Numerous knitting/crochet publications are realizing the benefits of earth-friendly fibers, and turning to Zitron yarns for their “green” background and fabulous feel.  In fact, you will see Zitron yarns being used in Creative Knitting, Interweave Crochet, Interweave Knits, Knit1, Knit ‘n Style, Knit Simple, Knit Scene, Knitter’s Magazine, Verena, and Vogue Knitting!  Designers and authors such as Vickie Howell and Cat Bordhi sing the praises of Zitron yarns.  In fact, Cat makes use of Zitron’s Trekking XXL sock yarns in all of her books to date, and Vickie has just released a wonderful book entitled AwareKnits, which uses Zitron’s Nimbus (a yarn that she notes is “one of [her] all-time faves”).

If you haven’t had the opportunity to knit with a Zitron yarn, I would highly suggest giving it a try!  You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Knitting,



I like fast cars and even faster needles!

robWe all have our addictions. My addiction happens to be sports cars. I have been infatuated with fast cars for as long as I can remember. Thus, I modify any vehicle that makes its way into my garage. If there is a widget or gizmo available that will somehow better my car’s performance or handling, chances are I have it (or want it really, really badly).

I have adopted this philosophy with many of my hobbies and pastimes, and I know I’m not the only person who feels this way.  For instance, you walk into your LYS and notice that your favorite needle company *cough* addi *cough* has just released an addition to your favorite interchangeable needle kit *cough* Click *cough*.  Your eyes widen and your heart begins to race, as your hand slowly liberates the item from its location on the display rack.  You’ve found the gizmo.  You’ve located the widget.  Yes, you have single handedly uncovered the piece de resistance that will complete your set and ultimately align the planets and alter the course of your knitting forever.  Life is good.

In an attempt to align the planets on your behalf, we are happy to announce the arrival of the elusive US 5 Click tips and addi Click cord/connector packs.

The supplemental US 5 tip packs contain (2) 3.75mm Click tips.  Add these nickel plated necessities to your set to complete the highest quality interchangeable needle kit available!


The cord/connector packs feature three extra 100% nylon addi Click cords (brilliant blue of course), in 24”, 32” and 40” lengths.  The pack also includes an extra connector piece, which can be used to create longer cords, or to hold your stitches in place by locking both ends of your cable to the connector.clickcords

Look to your LYS or nearest addi Turbo® stockist, to pick up your addi Click additions today!

Now, while you sit perched at your computer, planning the quickest route to your LYS, I am going to hop in my car and make vroom-vroom noises in the parking lot!

Happy Knitting,



16″ addi Lace

robI am typically one of the most upbeat individuals I know.  In fact, there are very few things in life that actually get me down.  Not having the right tool for an important project…well that just flutters my tuba.  Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve driven a few nails into the wall with the handle of a screwdriver.  However, it’s not the most efficient or tidy way to hang a picture.  Then there was that time that I went camping and used a river rock to open a can of baked beans…  My point is, there are certain tools for certain tasks…and over the years, I’ve realized that they have been made available for a reason.

This is why I was so excited to hear of the addition of 16” addi Lace circular needles to our inventory!  Yes, it’s true…the highly anticipated 16” addi Lace circulars can now be found at your LYS.  The combination of the Lace needle’s design (a more pronounced tapered tip, non-coated all-brass construction) and the shorter tip length (the 16” tips had to be shortened in order to yield a usable needle), is the perfect balance for smaller circumference knitting!  No more wishing on a star, no more ‘making due’ with another length.  The wait is over!

These new 16” beauties are available in 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm, 2.75mm, 3.00mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, and 8.00mm.

If you do not have a shop in your area that stocks addi needles, you can use our website’s ‘Find a Store’ feature to locate one!

So while you all run out to procure your new addi Lace 16” circulars, I’m going to hang some pictures…now where did I put that can of beans…

Happy Knitting!