Simplinatural for spring

We introduced Simpliworsted two and a half years ago, and our customers have embraced it as a soft, squishy and versatile workhorse. Now, we’re taking that yarn to the next level with Simplinatural. It’s a plied alpaca, wool and silk blend that is best described by the word “yummy.” Really. And what a gorgeous color palette!


The Shoreline Moebius Cowl is a free pattern written specifically for this yarn, and it’s a perfect cozy accessory for this winter that won’t end! Of course, you can use any color combination you like.

Shoreline Moebius Cowl by Skacel Collection Inc.

Designer and shop owner StevenBe also designed a cowl, and it’s double stranded with Schulana Kid-Paillettes, which takes the luxe look to another level!

Simplielegant by StevenBe resized

If you are a garment knitter, check out this great design by the inimitable Sally Melville. L’Enveloppe is a great easy-wear option that has a simple style that will really show off the beauty of the yarn! Of course, the Hunger Games vibe is an added bonus! The pattern is available to purchase in store, which is a great option, especially if you want to talk to your favorite Skacel shop owner about sizing, etc.

L'Enveloppe by Sally Melville

More and more of our retailers are receiving Simplinatural every day. Stop by your LYS and ask for it. It’s sumptuous!


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