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The New Girl

Hi everyone! I’m Cirilia Rose,  the newest member of the Skacel family.  I am so excited to be starting as Jr. Creative Director. So much has happened since I started here, I am just now getting a moment to bring you up to speed.

Soon after I arrived, I was joined by a couple of very lucky fellow New Englanders. Having recently moved to Seattle from Providence,  I was tickled to meet Vermonters and Progressive Needles KAL Grand Prize Winners Kitty and Linda.  They were able to spend some time with the staff here and hand-select their very own prizes, $1000 worth of yarn! We were all very curious to see what they would select, and they stayed true to their sock knitting hearts, selecting a healthy sampling from the gargantuan Skacel sock yarn family. After their yarn spree was complete, they hit the town with Karin and Marcy. See more pictures from their Seattle adventures here.

A few weeks later, Skacel headed south to make an appearance at Vogue Knitting Live in Los Angeles. Rob and Chuck ran several fashion shows and I taught lots of classes, (in between yoga sessions and celebrity sightings). It was a highly glamorous way to kick off the prime knitting season.

Last but not least, I figure the best way to introduce myself would be to flash my stash! My very first Skacel stash, to be more specific. As you might imagine, working at a yarn company has its perks.  One of the very best is plentiful yarn, and birthdays at Skacel are celebrated with sweet treats and free yarn. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of this perk in my very first month on the job. Here are my picks:

  • An Addi Lace Clicks set. I love my Turbo Clicks, but the Lace clicks are AMAZING. I have all the speed of the Turbo finish with shorter but more pointed tips (and a chic cocoa brown case). I’m zooming through my deadline knits and loving every minute of it.
  •  3 skeins of Simplicity in #050 Forestry. I saw several co-workers working on a cute little project and I was hooked! I’ll be knitting along with the Progressive Needles KAL.
  • 2 skeins of Zauberball Crazy, one in #2092 and one in #1660. I have big plans for this one! After getting all wrapped up (and subsequently disappointed) by the Missoni for Target collection, I found myself craving hectic, prismatic stripes, the more colors the better!
PHEW. So much excitement, and I’m just getting started. Keep an eye out for a lot more excitement to come.

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