Proud to announce: Addi Swing Hooks!

If you enjoy crochet, this is your lucky day! skacel and addi are extremely proud to announce their newest line of crochet hooks, the addi Swing.  Developed with comfort in mind, the handle is constructed of two plastics: one colorful and soft, and the other, white and firm.  The two balance each other perfectly for just the right amount of flexibility.  The handle warms quickly to the temperature of your skin and is precisely contoured to rest comfortably in your hand, thus eliminating pressure points. In fact, the Swing hook feels so good, those who don’t crochet, will want to learn.  To top it off (literally), is the classic addi Turbo hook that slides easily in and out of stitches.   All the hooks are color coded by size, and the metric size is boldly printed on the handle.  No “readers” needed for this one!

Hooks are available from a 2mm (A hook) to a 6mm (J hook) and sold individually!  Visit your local yarn store and pick some up today!


2 thoughts on “Proud to announce: Addi Swing Hooks!

  1. I have been waiting for these! VogueKnitting mentioned there was a big surprise on the horizon! Yay Swing! Do you have a list of LYS that carry yet? ❤ love ya guys.

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