Socking it to Ovarian Cancer

We’re so excited!  It was less than two weeks ago that we introduced our fundraiser for the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research, and already, funds are starting to show up at the center.  Our first official donor, The Loopy Ewe, donated $1,000, her entire profits for her first sets of the “Egg-stra” Special Socks! Thank you Loopy Ewe!

Skacel has sold a total of 1,318 sets in the last two weeks, for a total donation of $19,770!

If we combine these figures with the $10.00 match per set we are to receive from Webs and Jimmy Beans Wool as well, we are looking at a current total of $25,570!  That is over 25% of our goal and we are only into the first two weeks!  And this doesn’t include any matches from any other shops across the USA who are working with us in this endeavor.  As we receive donation confirmations, we will keep you posted!  If you are in search for a set of these amazing socks, please go to our website for a complete list of shops and all the vital information about the kits!  Thank you everyone who has purchased a kit! Obviously, this wouldn’t be happening without you!  Way to go knitters!

One thought on “Socking it to Ovarian Cancer

  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this fundraiser for the Marsha Rivkin Center. Saul Rivkin was my daughter’s oncologist while she fought her losing battle against ovarian cancer. I spent many hours knitting while she was in hospital. It was my sanity.

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