Because I can – Part 12

Mid-course Correction.

It was so wonderful to meet some of you at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival on Saturday. It was an inspirational weekend for many. Just to see what people are making and the amazing products that the vendors had to tempt us with was a delight.

Mary Scott Huff stops by to say hi between classes

However, just at the time the finish date for the project was established, I ran into a setback … the Friday sock. The Friday sock is made out of Zauberball Crazy, and to make it good and crazy, the design chosen for this sock was a spiraling cable design. Now, on a single pair of socks a spiraling cable is enough to make one go batty, but put on a cable with 12 other socks … I’ll admit it was insanity.

You see, when you work any kind of stitch pattern that spirals, it requires a shifting of stitches. With this project, that meant moving stitches onto a stitch holder the row before the cable pass, then doing the cable stitch and re-assigning the stitches to the correct side of the cable. This was causing a major road block for me, and I was not looking forward to that madness. (Trust me. Even I have some limits.) So, … I decided in this instance it was okay to make the project a little less insane and went back to a more traditional cable pattern.

But here’s the kicker. There was already one set of cables in the spiral fashion on the sock by the time the decision was made to change course, and since the cable was done over 8 stitches, it did tighten up the width and reduce the stretch a great deal on that row. One person who stopped by at the Festival asked me if it was going to fit on my foot, and I confidently said, “Of course it will!” and proceeded to show her. Um …. Darn! I had to put this pair of socks “on probation” and transfer them to another set of needles. After ripping back 18 rows, and fixing the problem, they were returned to the project needle.

You know, probably all Olympic athletes come to obstacles they must overcome to meet their goals. In terms of this being my Knitting Olympics project, I have certainly had my obstacles. (By the way, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee said that my project was within the rules of the game. Actually she said, “There is no Knitting Olympics IOC”.)

So that was my setback. I’ve made my corrections, and now I’m headed towards the finish line.
Stay tuned!

Prince Entrelac KOA (Knitting Olympics Athlete)


9 thoughts on “Because I can – Part 12

  1. Inspiring solution for your road block. It is good for all of us to realize when we have a knitting road block and realize we can change course. We control our own knitting destiny.

  2. Just had to stop in to see how you are doing today!

    What persistance you have to face obstacles! Reminds me of your grandfather! And you know…we always had to have an obstacle or two in our 4-H projects! Makes it more fun, huh?????? What did I say???????

    You go guy!!!

    You Michigan Aunt!

  3. Hey! We’re dying here for an update – it’s been weeks!! Gotta have our sock fix (x14!). And don’t tell me you’re too busy knitting to blog!

    Seriously, I have really enjoyed keeping up with your progress, but I feel so cut off – so cast off…


  4. congratulations on your accomplishment! What an amazing endeavor – I can think of noone else in the world who would have followed through with such an overwhelming task! the big question WAS will he finish… NOW, the big question is what’s next!

    KUDOS on doing what you said you were going to do! It proves to me that anything is possible in knitting if you just set yourself goals and keep working on them!

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