Because I can. Pt 8

BrianI was beginning to think that the gusset increases would never end, but I’m happy to report that they are, indeed, done! Not only that, but the long-awaited heel turn has been successfully navigated! The heel flap process has now begun!


Recently, I was invited to give a talk on the sock project at the Moonspinner’s Guild meeting, and while the focus of this guild is spinning and weaving, most of the members also knit. I had a great time sharing this project with them. The guild even came up with a suggested pattern for the leg of one of the socks, and since they meet on Tuesdays, I’ve decided to use their suggestion for the Tuesday sock.

Brian talking at the Moonspinner's Guild

Stitch patterns have also been assigned to the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday socks, but there are a few more that still need to be decided. Do you have an idea for a stitch pattern for the leg of Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday’s socks? It would be wonderful to hear (read) your suggestions. Keep in mind that each pair represents a specific day of the week. For inspiration, take a look at the previous post where each day is described. If your suggestion is selected, skacel collection, Inc. will send you some wonderful sock yarns!

Prince Entrelac Sr.

8 thoughts on “Because I can. Pt 8

  1. For Monday, how about a ribbing of some sort, like k4 p1 k1 p1 on the first round and k4 p3 on the second round and repeat. I don’t know how many stitches you have for the leg so adjust to fit the number you have. I’ve always equated this kind of ribbing as being sedate and proper… perfect for work.

  2. Hi Brian,

    So, I have been thinking about your socks, perhaps more than is healthy. Without knowing what you have chosen for certain days, I will offer these thoughts.

    Sunday. I suspect that you are thinking about ribbing from watching the You Tube clip. Consider, dull, conservative, stockinette stitch for this day. It certainly is conservative and is conducive to meditation, K, K, K, K, K, z, z, z, z …. . Add in a diamond or stripe pattern on the sides, if necessary. This frees up ribbing for Monday.

    Monday. There is nothing more practical than K1, P1 ribbing. You can even put these on inside out on a Monday morning and no one might notice.

    Saturday. If you are supporting your LYS’s, why not visit a few of your favorites and look for a pattern written by a local designer? Spend a few $$ to make it it authentic.

    your friend,
    Kathy G. (from Renton)

  3. Do you have a favorite show? You should find a pattern that goes with that for the day it airs (so I would choose something medical related for Thursday, since that’s when Grey’s Anatomy is on).

    On what day were you born? Make that day’s socks with your personal favorite stitch.

    Friday’s socks should have heart shapes- you can sing the Cure’s “Fridays I’m in Love” whenever you’re working on them (and wearing them).

    Are you changing to working the leg of one day’s socks at a time? How will you keep the patterns straight if you’re still going across one row on each sock? Sounds crazy-making to me! 🙂


  4. you are amazing. I love watching the progress on these! I also love that you’re doing different patterns on each set of socks… you don’t make it easy, do you!!!! 🙂

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