What’s your addiction?


Do you wake up with the urge to knit?  Do you own more addi needles than shoes?  Are you naming your next child “Addi”? Then you my friend, are a certified addi addict … and we want YOU!!!

For years you have sat in silence, knitting away, hoping one day that people would understand your addiction to the world’s best needles.  Your time is now.  We are calling for all addicts to come out of the closet to announce loud and proud, “I am an addi addict!

As addi addicts ourselves, we at Skacel are here to support your addiction.  To kick off this campaign, we will host a contest intended to bring addi addicts into the spotlight.  Be one of the first 100 knitters to prove to us that you’re addicted to addi, and receive a free addi what’s your addiction” T-shirt (a true collector’s item).  To qualify, simply snap a picture of yourself with your addi stash.  Be creative, be crazy, and show us how much you’re really addicted.  Submit your picture to the email address listed below, and YOU might just be the next recipient of a complimentary collector’s shirt!


The best pictures will also be considered for placement in our “what’s your addiction” ad campaign, becoming instantly immortalized in the annals of addi history!


  1. Be as creative as you would like…show us what a real addi addict is like.
  2. You and your addi stash must be in the picture.
  3. Pictures must be emailed to contests@skacelknitting.com
  4. Please ensure pictures are high resolution and saved in jpeg format.


Submitter hereby provides an electronic image or photograph via email at contests@skacelknitting.com, under the following terms, and in consideration of the potential publicity and promotional value to submitter from Skacel Collection’s use, internet transmission, or other further dissemination of the Photograph(s):

I consent to the unrestricted use, publication, scanning, editing, cropping, resizing, viewing, broadcast, distribution, reproduction, display, and/or duplication of the Photograph(s) by Skacel Collection for advertising and publicity purposes relating to Skacel Collection or any of their affiliated entities, or for any other lawful purpose, in any media now known or hereinafter invented without any additional financial or other compensation.  I consent to the use of the Photograph(s) or for any other lawful purpose, in any media now known or hereinafter invented without further notice or permission.  I understand and agree that I have no right to approve or control the manner in which the Photograph(s) may be used or displayed.

I acknowledge that Skacel Collection is and shall be the sole and exclusive owner of the Photograph(s) and shall have the right to exploit the Photograph(s).

Submitter has not accepted or agreed to accept, or paid or agreed to pay, any money, service or other valuable consideration for the inclusion of any matter in the Photograph(s).

15 thoughts on “What’s your addiction?

  1. I only recently discovered Addi Turbo needles, as I have not been knitting that long. But from the very first stitch I was HOOKED on the Addi needle! I have never knitted with a smoother, more comfortable needle in my life. The yarn seems to float over the needle finish, yet it doesn’t fall off the end of the needle like it has a mind of its own as with some of my other needles. I have been unemployed for over a year now, so money is tight. But when I do need a new size needle, and I can come up with the purchase price I will always treat myself to a new Addi. Why pay a little less for a needle that is only half as good? My little collection will continue to grow, and before I know it I may have a complete set of Addi’s. This contest is very cool, and only a fellow knitter will appreciate the t-shirt and what it expresses. Thanks for letting me rave about one of my favorite “toys”!

  2. I am addicted to all forms of knitting. I have several UFOs and ususlly have at least two projects that I work on at any given time. One is usually challenging and one is a take-along which can be done with little conscious effort.

  3. I’m looking for some thread that’s 80% Rayon & 20% Polyester Metallic in Red,Purple, & Gold colored if you could help me find this I would be very gratefull. I need this thread to make some Christmas Ornaments.

    Thank You

    Mrs. Rigg

  4. I love to knitting, crocheting and all types of needlewor. I am new desigener and working on many knitting and crocheting projects.

  5. Hello there – I just wanted to know if this campaign was over as I just saw it today and would love to send in a submission. You’ll also see on my blog (ittakesballstoknit.com) that I had the Golden Knot awards and Addis took the knot for best circular needles!

    Hugzzz 😎

  6. I just made polo girls prima ballerina and either I did something wrong or there are mistakes in the pattern. I think from row 17 on it is backwrds when I made it as the pattern said the top half of the pattren was on the wrong side.

  7. I am so glad to hear that there are others that wake up w/ the need to knit. I starting knitting as a teen but recently (3 yrs ago) got sick of crochet and picked up knitting again. shortly there after I bought a pair of addi-turbo for circular sock knitting and have started my “sock phase”. I always thought that socks were too “complicated” for me.
    I truely love addi-turbo needles.

  8. hi..

    Phew.. I finally found you … I have so wanted to tell you how much I LOVE ADDIS!! I own ‘janie h. knits’ in Perth, Ontario.. I started out with a small inventory of ADDIS .. thinking they would be a nice addition to the needle wall …never realizing they would TAKE OVER the wall!!! I was afraid customers would be put off by the price but they swear by them .. as I do ..
    If they are o satisfied I have then bring them back… guess what ,,none have come back!!! OI now sell more ADDIS than any other needles!!!!!!’

    I am addicted to the new lace tip .. for most of what I knit..which is a LOT!!

    I cannot say ENOUGH about your company and my rep, Denis Debray… We really enjoy his visits to the shop..

    I will try to add a picture but am not overly technical… it may arrive in your box a bit later.. please be patient..I know I should learn all these things like downloading pics and attaching them to e-mails but I would rather be knitting..

    janie h.

  9. me again… I would LOVE to be able to SELL your t-shirts!!! My store colors are fuschia and lime green … so would go wild for a pink t-shirt/// size small…!!! well actually like the needles I would like ALL COLORS!!!

    janie h

  10. As an old-school long, straight needle user, I was oh-so-reluctant to even try Addi circulars that my friends advised. But NOW…WOW, I am one of the biggest fans ever of your Addi Lace circulars! They are so much easier to manage than those long sticks that poke out at everything next to you, especially in travel situations. And I use the lace version for everything since the tips are sharp and the traction for slippery yarns is such a nice advantage.

  11. Seeing the Addi-Click kits in faux-leather cases of colours other than black, on other sites but not on Skacel site?

  12. I am looking for the Pattern for Children of the World knit lace shawl…have been advised to contact you…please advise..aalso.is this photo challenge ongoing??

  13. The pattern for Children of the World has been knit by 9 people on Ravelry. Skacel sells the book.. I can see if it is still available and order it for you if you wish or check yarn stores in your area. Please contact me at janiehknits@gmail.com in the event you want me to look into it.

    janie h

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