Sock Summit

KarinSock Summit -there was so much going on that I could write for days, but due to a lack of time, I won’t. Rather, I’ll give you my highlights in pictures and sum it up with a little story.


Beth and Bonnie from Burien Yarn Stash proudly wear their hard-earned T-shirts on the final day of the Summit. skacel gave away T-shirts to all that brought in a printed copy of Brian’s blog entry, as well as those who could prove they were big fans of the addi needles. We gave away over a hundred T-Shirts at the show. Several other proud recipients are featured below as well.

DSC_0007 DSC_0018

I haven’t knit on two individual needles since I don’t know when, however, it was mandatory in order to participate in the Guinness Book of World Records attempt. So, I actually did it. Hopefully no one got a picture of me, as I had to use a set competitor’s needles since I forgot to bring addi’s along.


Brian, of course, was at the Summit, knitting away on his 14 socks on one needle. Many folks stopped to check it out. I give Brian credit, he repeated himself on what he was doing and why (Because I can), at least 50 times a day, and never complained or got “short” with anyone!


Brian was also photographed over and over and over again. There were times when 4 or 5 people would be standing in front of him with their cameras flashing. It sort of gave our booth the feel as if paparazzi were hounding us. Above, Brian checks out a photo of himself on the I-phone of one of his many admirers.


My little summation story.

On the last day of the Summit, on the elevator ride down at my hotel, I met a mother and daughter with over-stuffed fabric bags in their hands. I asked them if they had fun at the Summit. Their enthusiastic answer was “Yes, and we learned so much in class.” They had flown out from the Midwest and had feared it may not be worth the money, but they agreed it was worth every dime and they would do it again. Only thing was, they had spent more money than anticipated on new yarns and did not have room in their luggage to get it home. Thus, they had to send a package from the UPS station inside the show. When I asked them if it was newly purchased yarns in their bags they were sending, one responded, “Heck no! This is our dirty laundry we’re sending! The yarns come with us on the plane.”



3 thoughts on “Sock Summit

  1. Oh that’s awesome! Will there be another summit? Where did this one take place? I could use a ‘sock summit’ right now. That Brian is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I met Brian at SS09 and he was delightful! I had a printout of his blog and was so engrossed in talking to him that I completely forgot to claim my t-shirt. Hopefully, I can remember to do that at the next SS; god forbid this was the only one!

    As for the gals shipping home their dirty laundry, I met a woman who purposely brought her oldest clothing to SS09. She was throwing everything away after wearing so that by Sunday night she had a completely empty suitcase to take home swag and yarn!

  3. I think that was my mom (mamateja.blogspot.com and mamateja on Rav) and I that rode down the elevator with you carrying our bags of dirty clothes to ship home! What fun to find this entry months after the Summit is over!!

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