Knit Night

RachaelOn July 9th we held a knit-night/potluck for all the employees here at skacel.  This is something we’ve done in the past but since it had been a while since the last gathering we thought it would be great to incorporate two of the most popular things around the office.  Knitting is of course at the top of everyone’s list, followed closely by tons of yummy treats.

Our resident pattern expert, Brian graciously volunteered to teach us the entrelac scarf pattern.  Many of us were very excited to learn this pattern which added to the overall anticipation of the evening. Not to mention the opportunity to work with Opus by Zitron, a new fall yarn which is so soft, you can’t help but rub it on your cheek.  Six of us learned the pattern, and just one of us (me) had to have the pattern re-written in layman terms.  What can I say I’m perpetually the problem child.  Sorry Brian!!


Aside from the entrelac class we had several people working on their own projects.  Penny was working on her socks made with Disco yarn. Candice was working on her latest crochet toy made of Bahia. Cat was working on her blanket made of Big Ball.  Sheila was working on an entrelac scarf as well but out of Alpacino. And Carrie was crocheting her first scarf from her personal yarn stash.


The food was fit for a king or for a queen as it may be.  The aromas coming from the kitchen that day were sensational. We had everything from spinach and artichoke dip cups and lumpia to lemon-sour cream pie and homemade brownies.  Mmmm… my tummy is growling at the memories of it.  It’s a good thing that it’s only an occasional event or I’d have to buy bigger pants.

Altogether it was a fun-filled evening which was enjoyed by all.  We’re already looking forward to the next one!


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