“Because I can” pt 2.

BrianHello again my virtual friends!   I wanted to tell you all about the wonderful yarns that I’m using for this project. It was suggested that the yarns should have a theme of some kind, and so I decided to tell the story of the week of socks.   Now, I don’t know what your calendar week looks like, but for giggles, I choose to start my week with Sunday (actually that’s the way my calendar is set up on my computer).  So sit back and enjoy the tales of the week of socks.

trekkingmaxima905Sunday:  I choose to recognize this day not only as a day of rest, but also as a day of meditation and reflection.  For that reason I chose a more “formal” colorway, but it does have a twist of personality to it.  I chose to use Trekking Maxima by Zitron.  Each ply of the yarn is dyed separately, then twisted together into the 4 ply strand.  This strand is then dyed again to create the gradual color changes.  While I chose a more conservative option (color #905), there are many wonderful color choices available.

pronatura1613Monday:  Monday is the start of the work week, so this is the day to be practical.  Practical is not really a word in my personal vocabulary, but for the sake of the project, I’m going with it.  Monday’s yarn of choice is Trekking Pro Natura by Zitron in color #1613.  Pro Natura sock yarn is made with the actual bamboo fiber, not bamboo pulp. This prevents the yarn from “peeling” and breaking down.  It’s good for you and good for Mother Earth with 75% Wool and 25% unprocessed Bamboo.  Since the Bamboo is unprocessed, it maintains its antimicrobial properties, and it’s four times more absorbent than cotton!  See how practical it is?

step18Tuesday:  Okay folks, it’s time to buckle down and get into the thick of the work week today.  Time to get organized and put everything in its proper place.  How about a striping yarn!  A great choice is Step by Austermann.  I chose color #18, which is called Vulcan, because I love red and I thought the name was fun.  Step is infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oils, making it a treat to knit with, and good for the hands, as well.

stepd55Wednesday:  Can you believe we made it to the middle of the week already?  I think it’s time for a little bit of fun, so I chose Step Duett by Austermann. Color #55 is called Mardi Gras Stripe.  What makes Duett different from regular Step is that it has a partner!  Each color way is done in two patterns, a fair isle and a stripe.  Those of you who enjoy thinking outside the box might enjoy combining these into a new and funky design.  For the really adventurous, check out the Step Trio!  Who knows what will be next … Step Barbershop Quartet?

mexikostretch24Thursday:  I don’t know about you, but on Thursday I’m already thinking about the weekend.  I love my job, but I get most of my knitting done on the weekends!  The choice for today is Fortissima Socka Mexico Cotton Stretch by Schoeller & Stahl (now where were they when I had to write 3000 word essays?).  This striping yarn helps to remind me to stick to my guns and stay focused on the work week, but the fun colors and this great blend make for a great sock for active wear.  The blend is 41% Wool, 39% Cotton, 13% Nylon, and 7% Elastic.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this sock feels when I’m wearing it.

1564Friday:  Can you believe we made it?  Well at the office, Fridays can be a bit CRAZY.  Actually any day of the week can be CRAZY, especially when you are knitting with the latest yarn from Schoppel Wolle called Crazy Zauberball! I’ve really been looking forward to playing around with this fun yarn.  This 75% Wool, 25% Nylon yarn is similar to Zauberball, but the two plies twisted together add a whole new dimension and make it fun for the knitter to watch as it evolves.

nation1776Saturday:  We come to the end of the week and this is a day I often choose to make a difference in my community.  For this reason I have chosen to use a Fortissima Socka Colori, Color # 1776 by Schoeller & Stahl.  My mom gets a kick out of the color number.  Saturday is also a great day to go to your local yarn shop.  Skacel collection, Inc. is an avid supporter of the local yarn shop.  This is the best place to find quality yarns with top notch service and instruction.  Save your local economy and help out your small businesses by frequenting them.  It’s PATRIOTIC.

You can purchase any of these yarns at any shop that carries skacel collection, Inc products including yarn, needles and artfelt®.  Check out our website store locator to find a store near you.

HMISM Prince Entrelac aka Brian

2 thoughts on ““Because I can” pt 2.

  1. Excellent choices for yarns and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final pieces at Sock Summit. Not sure if you knew this, but Cat Bordhia Tweeted about your project and it’s being re-Tweeted all over the place. 🙂

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