Turtles of the Ninja Variety!

candiceI used to knit. I remember knitting fondly and I even have finished projects that I have knitted but the instant I learned how to crochet my knitting needles found new homes in their respective pouches. Pretty soon they will start singing to me like the Swiffer commercials begging to come back into my life. My crochet hooks laugh at them at night, I just know it.

What I like so much about crochet is the ability to make….Japanese toys! When I was in college (okay so I am a young ‘un, college was only 5 years ago) I stumbled across a book in a Japanese book store. I can’t exactly remember the title even though I can read Japanese but part of the title I distinctly remember had the name Amigurumi in it. According to Wikipedia “Amigurumi (編み包み) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.” I was hooked….if only I knew how to crochet… I put it off as something I couldn’t do and moved my attention elsewhere.

Then about 4 months ago my co-worker Rita taught me how to crochet. The instant I grasped the concept I couldn’t be stopped. I LOVED this craft! I looked at some patterns but most of them didn’t do what I wanted something to look like so I started to just do my own thing. And one of the first things I wanted to make was turtles of the ninja variety. I would love to say I made these for a nephew or another kid I knew but no, these were all for me. My guilty pleasure is I still wake up at 7am every Saturday morning, grab a bowl of cereal, and watch Saturday morning cartoons.


I made my turtles out of Noblesse by Zitron. The slight variegation in color was perfect in making the toys because then every turtle has a slightly different skin color. Add in the fact that the yarn is wool and silk, these boys are so soft too. I hate itchy wool, can not stand it.


Of course, like most crafters, I couldn’t stop at just the finished turtles, I had to make their weapons too and I am so very happy I did.

I love making toys. I love Amigurumi. I love crochet.



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