TNNA Fashion Show

KarinFor many knitters, the term TNNA is one that has been heard here and there.  Yet, what exactly is TNNA?  TNNA stands for THE NATIONAL NEEDLEARTS ASSOCIATION.  This association for professionals in the needlearts industry is really the heart of the industry.  Of the many things the TNNA does, supports and sponsors (see tnna.org), putting on the main trade shows in the USA for vendors such as skacel, to present their goods to the local yarn shops, is what they are most commonly known for.

At the TNNA trade shows there are many events, but one of the most popular is the fashion show.  Held at the two main shows (January for spring yarns, June for fall yarns), the fashion show usually boasts 100 or more garments from a vast array of vendors.  There are a few crochet and felted garments, but for the most part, the garments are knitted.  For the longest time, the fashion show was only seen by the eyes of the members of TNNA, but since the show in June of 2008, they have allowed the public to see a video-taped version of the show.

The video above is the past June’s show. We are the third group on stage.

The shows are quite lengthy, but if knitting is your thing – the show will fly by!   Enjoy!


One thought on “TNNA Fashion Show

  1. I didn’t know that the fashion show at TNNA was so glamourous!! Thanks for posting and congrats on the unique Art Felt piece. Very psychedelic… in a good way. 😉

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