16″ addi Lace

robI am typically one of the most upbeat individuals I know.  In fact, there are very few things in life that actually get me down.  Not having the right tool for an important project…well that just flutters my tuba.  Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve driven a few nails into the wall with the handle of a screwdriver.  However, it’s not the most efficient or tidy way to hang a picture.  Then there was that time that I went camping and used a river rock to open a can of baked beans…  My point is, there are certain tools for certain tasks…and over the years, I’ve realized that they have been made available for a reason.

This is why I was so excited to hear of the addition of 16” addi Lace circular needles to our inventory!  Yes, it’s true…the highly anticipated 16” addi Lace circulars can now be found at your LYS.  The combination of the Lace needle’s design (a more pronounced tapered tip, non-coated all-brass construction) and the shorter tip length (the 16” tips had to be shortened in order to yield a usable needle), is the perfect balance for smaller circumference knitting!  No more wishing on a star, no more ‘making due’ with another length.  The wait is over!

These new 16” beauties are available in 1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.00mm, 2.25mm, 2.50mm, 2.75mm, 3.00mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, and 8.00mm.

If you do not have a shop in your area that stocks addi needles, you can use our website’s ‘Find a Store’ feature to locate one!

So while you all run out to procure your new addi Lace 16” circulars, I’m going to hang some pictures…now where did I put that can of beans…

Happy Knitting!



3 thoughts on “16″ addi Lace

  1. From a knitting standpoint, the discoloration on your tips will not affect the way you knit. However, if you are knitting with a light colored yarn, there is a chance that the color can transfer onto your yarn. We suggest you use either a microfiber rag of some sort, or a cotton rag with a bit of brass and silver polish to remove the discoloration. If it continues to be a problem or you are not satisfied with the results, you may exchange them at your point of purchase.

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