Welcome to our new skacel collection blog!

candiceThis blog has been created for all knitters, crocheters, and other fiber enthusiasts, who have any interest of what goes on at a yarn and needle company.  Through the voices of many (all employees will have the opportunity to participate in writing this blog) we will give you insight into what’s new as well as what we are all working on.  Amazingly enough, everyone who works at skacel collection is either a knitter, crocheter, weaver, spinner or felter – or all of the above.  Thus there are always a multitude of new projects being worked on.

My name is Candice, and I will be facilitating this blog.  I encourage everyone to participate by commenting on our posts, and asking any questions.   We LOVE to hear from others who are as excited as we are about needlecrafts.

So sit back, grab your needlework, and enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new skacel collection blog!

  1. I was hoping to purchase one of the clicks sets, and some additional tips. I wanted to get the missing US 5 I’d read about and then the rest on down to US 0. I didn’t see anything past about 4 on the wholesale list though… do they not exist?

  2. Good Question!

    As you already know, the addi Click tip sizes begin with a US 4 (3.50mm). At this point in time, the 3.50mm tip is the smallest diameter possible to work in conjunction with the current cord/connection.

    You see, in order for smaller tips to fit on the Click cords, the cords and connecting points would need to be a smaller diameter. Otherwise, it would be like trying to fit a 2” peg in a 1” hole. In order to assure proper fit, the addi Click cords and connecting points must be a fraction of a percent smaller than any tip being connected to it.

    Click here to see image

    The top tip represents the current Click tip. As you can see, the tip itself is just a tad larger than the connection. Thus allowing a perfect fit. The bottom tip represents a smaller tip (US 2 in this case). The end of the tip is much too small to work in conjunction with the Click’s cord and connection.

    We do not have any information as to whether smaller sizes will be a future option, but we know that great things are possible with Addi!

    Should any changes or upgrades me made to the Clicks, we will most certainly blog about it!

    Happy Knitting,


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